Wendy Higgins, Author


Do you sell signed books and bookmarks?

Not at this time. All swag is reserved for book signings.
Please check my Events page to see if I’ll be anywhere near you. And keep an eye out for the annual ApollyCon Virtual Signing! Each year for several months, the event coordinators take online orders from readers worldwide who cannot attend the event. You can pay to have signed copies of books from me and many authors mailed to you. It’s an excellent opportunity!

How did you get the inspiration for your stories?

Sweet Series: You can read the full story about the Sweet Series on my bio page, but the short version is that I’d read Twilight followed by Good Omens, so I had romance and angels/demons on my mind.

See Me: I told my husband I wanted to write a sexy leprechaun. He said it wasn’t possible. I took the challenge.

The Great Hunt: While browsing The Grimm Brothers fairy tales, I came across “The Singing Bone” and couldn’t get past the first paragraph about a princess being given away as a prize by her father. That one paragraph took off in my mind and grew from there.

Unknown: I’d always had bad dreams, like end of the world and Red Dawn kind of stuff—being invaded on our home turf, everything as we knew it changing. And I’d always been fascinated by dystopian stories and how those societies came to be. I wanted to write about it happening. When I was 13-16, I had a massive crazy crush on an older boy from my youth group. He was clueless and treated me like a little sister. We kept in touch when he went away to college, and one time he came home and I could see the moment he realized I wasn’t a little girl anymore. I had a serious boyfriend by then, but those intense feelings lent themselves perfectly to book characters. Hence Amber and Rylen were born.

How did you come up with Kaidan Rowe? Is he based on anyone?

Kaidan Rowe (pronounced Ky-den) is most definitely not based on any boy I ever knew. I literally asked myself, once I knew he’d be the son of the demon of lust, what all of the sexiest attributes were, in my opinion. I’d always had a thing for drummers since I watched a boy named Jack crank out “Wild Thing” on the drums at the 7th grade talent show. Rawr. I wanted Kai to be mysterious. Dark hair, blue eyes. English accent. Dangerous and skilled with some sort of weapon. Fit. But I also knew he needed to be a tortured, redeemable soul.

Can you read my story for me?

I’m afraid not, due to time constraints. I receive a lot of requests to read, and I simply cannot fit it in. I suggest sharing your work on sites such as Figment, Wattpad, Booksie, or Fictionpress where you can connect with other writers and provide one another with helpful critique (this is how I got my start!)

If you are a published author looking for a blurb/endorsement, please contact my agent, Jill Corcoran at Jill@JillCorcoranLiteraryAgency.com

What is your writing routine?

I need peace and quiet to write. I normally have to write at home in a comfortable spot. No television or music. I don’t write well with people are around, so I tend to write when my husband is at work and my kids are at school. I spend the first hour of the morning doing social media and marketing. Then I take time to brainstorm and get into story mode. Once I’m focused, I can write for 3-4 hours. I don’t set a word count goal, but I try to write one chapter a day, or five chapters a week.

What do you do when you get writer's block?

I allow myself to take a break from the project. Whether it’s a day or a week (depending on the deadline), usually I can come back to it and reread the story with fresh eyes and get sucked back into the world. Or I have a writer friend beta read for me and give feedback, which usually pushes me forward again.

What are your favorite books?

I’m first and foremost a Harry Potter freak.
Some of my fave YAs are Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Lux series and White Hot Kiss series, and Kresley Cole’s Arcana Chronicles. My favorite adult books are Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series. I also really loved The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell, and the Compulsion trilogy by Martina Boone.

Will there be a sequel to See Me?

I’ve played around with plot ideas and keep running into walls. I really, really want to continue Cass and Rock’s story, from Cassidy’s point of view, but I seem to have a mental block against it. I hope to be able to write it someday, but I cannot promise.

Will you write any more about the characters from Sweet Evil, The Great Hunt, or Unknown?

At this time I do not have plans to write any more on my completed series. I promise if the inspiration hits, I will write it! But at this time, no.

Will any of your books be made into movies or television shows?

Film/television rights have not been sold for any of my books. They are available, but at this point nothing is in the works. Unfortunately, I do not have any control over whether or not my stories are made into movies. It’s not something I can do myself, but if a producer comes forward with interest, I will gladly work with them! ☺

Will your books be translated into my language?

Again, this is something I do not control. I would love to have my books in every language! What a dream! But publishers in other countries must come forward with interest. It is a very competitive market. The best thing you can do is write your publishers and let them know what books you are interested in having translated so they know there is interest.

Do you have a Street Team or ARC team?

No, I do not, sorry. I have a Facebook Group with devoted readers who receive first information and opportunities. Feel free to join us!

Do you have playlists for your books?

I’ve only made playlists for Sweet Evil and Sweet Temptation. Some awesome readers even put together YouTube compilations for Sweet Temptation!