Wendy Higgins, Author

sweet evil playlist

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Good Girls Go Bad by Cobra Starship
Our heroine, Anna, is warned by her friend Jay not to fall victim to the “good girl syndrome” when she meets Kaidan Rowe. I think we all know he’s wasting his breath.

Break Your Heart by Taio Cruz
Kai attempts to instill a “healthy fear” into Anna, who tends to see the best in people. He gives her an honest and frightful glimpse of his dark nature and his past.

My First Kiss by 3OH!3 featuring Ke$ha
Road trip fun…I shall say no more. *wink, wink*

Let it Rock by Kevin Rudolph
Nobody rocks harder or brings a hotter fire than Kaidan Rowe. He’ll make you come alive and take you higher, as Anna learns firsthand.

Bring Me To Life by Evanescence
Just when Anna begins to feel alive for the first time, she’s immersed in the cold truth about how her life must be.

Whataya Want From Me by Adam Lambert
This question is asked in the Halloween chapter, but I imagine Kai feels this way a lot: wanting and needing, but unable to give in return.

Waiting For The End by Linkin Park
This is the song I see Anna playing over and over during those lonely holiday scenes, living at the mercy of the pain and the fear.

Clocks by Coldplay
This song encompasses what Kai experiences in the ending chapters surrounding the summit: cursing missed opportunities, wondering if he’ll always be part of the disease rather than the cure.